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Programs, Activities, and Events (Click on the active links to view photos.)

Student Involvement:
  Lego Robotics Club   Craft Club   Kindergarten Helpers
  Library Helpers   Divisional Concert   Math Olympics
  Home Reading Program   Intramural Sports   P.A.L.S.
  Silver Birch & Red Maple Reading   Student Secretaries   Dance-a-thon
  Hallowe'en Hoot   Lunch Monitors   Dreambox & Prodigy Club
  Instrumental Music   Yearbook Club   Hundred's Day


  Co-ed Junior & Intermediate Soccer   Basketball   Rugby
  Cross-Country Running     Track & Field
  Volleyball   Badminton   3-Pitch Softball


Community & Fundraising Events:  
  Meet the Teacher   Rankin Cancer Run
  A visit from the IceDogs Kindergarten Art Show
  P.A.L.S. Bake Sales Education Foundation of Niagara Spirit Days