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Welcome to Lockview Public School!

At Lockview, we value the uniqueness of each individual and believe everyone can excel and achieve excellence. Lockview (DSBN) is a place where students can learn and grow at their own pace, in their own way. It is a place where they will determine their own goals and define their own personal version of excellence. We are each truly unique, and Lockview (DSBN) students and staff are empowered to learn and grow in a way that best reflects them as individuals. At Lockview, encouraging and honouring student and staff voice is important.

Our school provides extracurricular and leadership opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect. We encourage students to get involved in the school.

We value the community partnerships and parent/guardian involvement which are so crucileoal to a successful education for our students. We always welcome your input and suggestions.



Thank you Delta Bingo for Your Support




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